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The Curtis and Sheila Robinson Foundation

The Curtis & Sheila Robinson Foundation
Contributing to humanity by providing transitory assistance to those who need it most.

“God is not going to ask you how much money you make, how many cars or houses you have. He is going to ask you – What did you do with the gifts that I gave you?”
– Curtis D. Robinson

Curtis D. Robinson and his wife Sheila Durant Robinson established the Curtis and Sheila Robinson Foundation in 2015. They have dedicated their lives to philanthropy for many decades donating significant resources and financial support to a myriad of cause related initiatives, efforts, programs and individuals in need in Connecticut.


They strongly believe every man, woman and child has a right to have the opportunity to experience a quality of life that will enable them to pursue their dreams without having to go hungry or, be without shelter, mobility, security and clothing.

The Mission of the Curtis and Sheila Robinson Foundation is to provide an initial hand-up support to individuals, groups or organizations in need to help create a family or community environment for survival, sustainability and success.
The Curtis and Sheila Robinson Foundation are a financial resource for short term support. The contributions by Curtis and Sheila are done to inspire hope and incentive to not give up, but to keep going when times are tough. In return for their support, Curtis and Sheila ask that the beneficiary of the donation in the future pay it forward to someone else in the same position as the recipient or worse. By paying it forward, the receiver now becomes the benefactor to help another.


Applicants can apply for a donation/contribution once in a calendar year, and no more than three times over a three-year period. The amount requested, and the amount granted depends on how thorough the application is filled-out, reason for first, second or third-time support, and the outcomes and how it impacts the individual, program or organization.


1. Who can apply?
You may apply for financial support/assistance as an individual, group, or organization/entity If you are not a non-profit organization.

We ask that you be 18-years and up to apply. If you are under 18, we require a Guardian/Parent or organization officer be the signatory/cosigner.

2. What can you apply for?
a. Food Assistance
b. First Time Rent Assistance (one time only).
c. Clothing for children (infant to college age up to 19-years of age)
d. Clothing Support for Job Interviews (Re-Entry Program for Men and Women)
e. Hotel Stay (homeless situation)
f. Transportation Support (Gas cards only for school or work, bus passes for school or work).
g. First Time College Student Books Support and Small Grant Scholarship Funds (High School, College, Education, Job Training).
h. Programs for Girls, Boys and Teens (Technology, Science, Self-Esteem, Education or Small Non-Profits, or Church Organizations, etc.).
i. Last Wish Support for Life/Death Matters

3. How much can you apply for?
The Curtis and Sheila Robinson Foundation may give the following amounts to an individual, group, organization or cause.
$250 | $500 | $750 | $1,000 | $1,500 | $2,000 | $2,500 $3,000

4. How often can you apply?
You may apply once in a calendar year, but no more than three times total.

5. You are required to justify the request.
The Foundation board will want to know and understand the need, and how the funds will be used. If you are granted the funding, it is an honor system. In other words, they are trusting what you say you will do – please keep your word. All requests are confidential.

6. How long does it take before I know if I will be the beneficiary?
Because Curtis and Sheila are empathetic about the need(s) of the applicant, there is a short turn-around of no more than fifteen (15) business days. The Foundation Board reserves the right to take longer to decide on whether they will donate/contribution. We promise to not allow more than thirty (30) business days to pass.

7. What are the things Curtis and Sheila do not support and why?
The Curtis and Sheila Robinson Foundation will review every request however, they will not support the following:
a. Paying utilities
b. On-going rent or mortgage payment.
c. Vacations
d. Christmas/Holiday Shopping
e. Cell Phone Bill
f. Church Signs
g. Baby Showers/Parties of Any Kind

Please note The Foundation Board may decide at any time to rescind or accept a request not necessarily listed above.

8. How does the process work?
Once you give your basic biographical profile and information about you, the organization or group, you will be given a four (4) digit code to be able to complete the application and check status. We ask that you maintain your code, and not share it with anyone else. The code will be used for you to go back to your application to amend or change it.

Download the Application

Word Version | PDF Version

When completed, mail to:
The Curtis and Sheila Robinson Foundation, Inc.
4 Creamery Brook Road
East Granby, CT 06026

Please fill out a contact form with the question you have in writing. The Foundation will respond to you within 48-hours. In some cases, you will receive a return call. It will be necessary for you to leave a call back number and email address you would like your answer sent.

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