About C&R Development Company, Inc.

Our Mission

C&R Development Company, Inc. works relentlessly to exceed the expectations of our clients and customers we serve on a daily basis. We are more than crystal clear that we are about the priorities of our clients and customers we service daily. Built on a foundation of trust, integrity, leadership and our employees, we serve with a high standard of professionalism, creativity and work ethic.

Our Vision

The late Business Magnate A.G. Gaston once said, “Money is no good unless it contributes something to the community, unless it builds a bridge to a better life.” With our products, services and solutions, C&R Development Company’s vision is to contribute to a better way of life by being the absolute best at what we do with the people we serve.

The following criteria may be considered where applicable:
Construction contracts valued under $150,000 will be awarded to registered DBE’s on the basis of competitive bidding. For construction contracts valued at $50,000 or less, C&R must review at least three bids or quotes from registered SBE’s, and at least two of the three bids must be MBE certified. C&R Development’s goal is to achieve at least a minimum of 25% overall MBE sub-contract utilization.

The following payment practices should be adhered to:
SBE’s/MBE’s shall receive compensation for their work within 30 days, providing the required paperwork is filed, and their minority status is intact. C&R will assist these sub-contractors with their required documentation. C&R Development will prepare quarterly reports on the utilization of SBE’s and MBE’s.

Sheila & Curtis Robinson

Sheila and Curtis Robinson
Sheila and Curtis have dedicated their lives to philanthropy for many decades donating significant resources and financial support to a myriad of causes, related initiatives, efforts, programs and individuals in need in Connecticut.

Our project staffs are experienced construction professionals with in-depth
construction expertise in managing the renovations, and expansions of existing, occupied schools.

Our Companies

R&G Services, LLC
A certified MBE/DBE transportation management company in CT providing on-site shuttle service at Bradley International Airport.
Read More >

Phone: (860) 653-7744 Ext. 104

R&G Parking International
A parking management company, specializing in managing and operating parking lots and garages in the Greater Hartford Area. Read More >

Phone: (860) 653-7744 Ext. 104

C&R Property Management
A property management company, managing the 55,000 square foot Air Exchange building located on 6 acres at Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, CT. Read More >

Phone: (860) 844-8248 Ext. 105

C&R Development
Focusing primarily on school construction projects, including renovations and new construction. Read More >

Phone: (860) 844-8248 Ext. 104